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For more than a decade Apache has been the No 1 choice for quads and ATVs across the UK. Apache has a policy of continuous product development bringing new, exciting and innovative products to the market on a continuous basis. Letting nothing get in the way of a great idea, Apache's designers test the boundaries of science and technology as well as their own imaginations. That’s why Apache is one of the most highly regarded quad bike brands in the UK today.

REMEMBER.... its what's behind an Apache that keeps it in front.

Choosing for Children

Quads come in lots of different sizes and the Apache Children/Teenager range currently has power capabilities starting from 50cc's. Parents need to take account of the size of the child, their experience, age and capability. All children and teenagers under the age of 16 should ALWAYS be closely supervised by an adult at all times when operating a quad. Children should ALWAYS wear full protective clothing including a proper quad bike helmet - or approved motorcycle helmet (see Apache Quad Gear page), and protective gloves, goggles, and clothing. Safety must always come first.

Entry Level / First Quad - The Apache Mini Tomahawk 50cc is an ideal first quad for the smaller child - usually recommended for ages 4-7 years. This is one of the UKs most popular quad bikes, with safety a top priority. It is a small, compactt fun machine that is very stable and easy to ride. Comes with safety in mind - safety footwells plus a remote cut off keyfob that a parent can use to cut the engine if so desired.

Standard Junior Models: The standard junior entry level quads are two models - 1) Apache RLX 100 S and 2) Apache RLX 100 'S Silver Sport - each having subtle differences. Both quad models are proven, affordable, quality and easy to ride all rounder machines with a good re-sale value. The SilverSport is similar to the RLX 100S but has bright silver metallic paintwork and reverse gear - see specifiction on quad pages for more information.

Junior Racing - Over the past few years, Apache Quads has become known as one of the leading junior racing brands. Apache's are proving hard to beat for performance, handling and reliability. Junior riders throughout the UK and Europe are now specifying Apache as their preference and many are leading their race classes on Apache.

Teenagers - With a weight limit of 80 kgs, Apache junior quads can be ridden by not only children, but teenagers and small adults (who are under the weight limit). Apache's provide limitless action packed performance and are great fun for a wide range of ages.

So - there's a lot to choose from with Apache - just browse the range and see what catches your eye. Everyone has a different requirement and budget and we hope you will find a model that will exactly meet your needs. If you need any advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we can help you select the model that's just right for you.


Best selling UK range
Top brand quality at affordable prices - with good resale value
Apache service and back up - second to none.
Full stock of original parts  for fast delivery - see www.apache-leisure.co.uk
Largest range of factory approved accessories for Apache
Dedicated team of Apache sales and technical experts.
Apache advanced design features, continuous technology improvements to range.


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