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For all Genuine Apache Approved Parts & Accessories, see our

ONLINE SHOP AT - www.apache-leisure.co.uk

OR if the part you require is not listed - telephone or email - rplgroup@aol.com




We are aware that some unscrupulous internet websites are claiming to offer 'Genuine New Apache Parts' which have been found not to be genuine - but copies, counterfeits and fakes.

We are taking action to protect you against all such sellers, offering inferior goods, but please be aware that the only outlet for Genuine Apache New Parts is from Apache Quads direct.

If you do choose to fit compatible or counterfeit parts, please be aware that these may compromise the safety of your quad, or 1) may not fit, 2) may not work 3) may fail after a short time.




Apache Quads are reliable, robust machines and there are many thousands of Apache's across the UK and Europe. Well looked after and properly maintained in line with the manufacturers recommendations, they give many years of good reliable service. However, the very nature of a quad bike and how it is used - often means that the routine maintenance requirements can be overlooked and riders sometimes ride too harshly which can sometimes result in technical issues arising.

If you should encounter a technical issue with a quad, this is what you should do:

  • Take the quad to where it was purchased (if they have a workshop) or your nearest quad bike dealer OR quad repair/ motorcycle repair shop. Find details in Yellow Pages or see www.yell.co.uk

  • Establish the nature of the technical issue and agree a course of action with your preferred supplier.

  • If you should require any replacement parts or accessories, we recommend you visit www.apache-leisure.co.uk. Please note that service manuals are on sale under the 'Servicing' Section.


Recommended Service Schedules for Apache Quad Bikes
Children's Quad Bikes
Recommended Service Intervals

Mini Tomahawk 50cc, RLX 100, SX 100, F100 Liquid Cooled

Initial service - after 10 hours use. Full service after 35 hours use or 6 months whichever is sooner

Book into your nearest ATV or Motorcycle Service Centre

Adult Quad Bikes
Recommended Service Intervals
RLX 320 S, RLX Utility Range, RLX 400 S, RLX 450 S

Initial service - after 500 miles or 3 months whichever is sooner. Intermediate service every 3000 miles or 12 months. Full service: Every 6000 miles or 24 months

Book into your nearest ATV or Motorcycle Service Centre




Parts Catalogues and Workshop Manuals are available to purchase from Apache - please call us or email for more details.



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