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Apache Quads Children's and Junior quad bike range is proving hugely popular this summer - as the temperatures soar, so have Apache children's quad sales!

Beating all previous records, this year will go on record as the best yet, as children across the country take to the garden in pursuit of some outdoor fun. Apache children's quads have proved extremely popular as children and lightweight adult parents have been riding their quad bikes to help keep cool in the high temperatures.

Apache said "our children's quads are yet again this year's most wanted quad bike. We have worked hard over the years to perfect our children's quad bike range and it is now a household name and the top of the 'most wanted' list for summer fun."

Apache Quads offers an extensive range of children's quad bikes, including the Apache Mini Tomahawk 50cc for the smallest child which features a remote cut off fob which a parent can operate up to 100 meters away. The most popular Apache RLX 100 Sport has sold out several times already this summer and Apache has increased its manufacturing capacity to cope with increased demand. The Apache SX SilverSport is the premium children's quad model offering stunning silver paintwork and reverse gear plus other additional features.

Apache is now gearing up for the Christmas rush, Apache children's quads always feature high on children's christmas gift lists. There are currently some dealer opportunities left for a few select counties across the UK.

Apache's Most Popular RLX 100cc

rlx 100 quad in action

Update for Christmas Orders

Although Apache has increased its orders for the Christmas rush, every year over the past 10 years - Apache Quads allocation is sold out by the end of October, so if you want to be sure of getting an Apache this winter, a small deposit secures..


Nigel Brown had an horrific motorcycle accident in which he lost his lower leg. His story is an inspiration of courage and determination to return life to as normal as possible.

There is no doubt as to the impact of such an injury, but Nigel Brown was determined to get on with life and still have fun. Before leaving his hospital bed, he had decided to buy himself a quad bike and set about finding the right quad. He came to Apache and actually bought along a friend he'd met in hopsital and the deal was done! These guys did not want our standard automatic quads, no indeed, they wanted the fastest, most adventurous, the best looking, sounding and best performing machines we could offer..... there was only one thing for it - the RLX 450 CF Supermoto no less and the dream became a reality. Apache technicians modified the gear lever to make this longer and easier for Nigel to change gear with his artificial leg, and soon after the duo picked up their sparkling brand new machines.

Nigel said "I wanted to get back to riding a bike and this was the nearest thing to it. Performance wise I'm having a great time and I can't fault it. Reverse gear makes life easier and is really useful. People are always asking me about my quad and it is a real head turner wherever I go!" He added, "My quad is competely different to a motorbike as you don't bank around corners and you distribute your weight differently but it stays upright when you stop which is very helpful when you have to rely on an artificial leg. It is different riding experience, but a thoroughly enjoyable one."

If you are in a similar position and you'd like to talk to Nigel about his experiences, we can pass on your details.



Update from Nigel Brown

Hi I have just looked at website and I must say that I am touched by what you have said, and the story is true it was in the hospital where I came across Apache, but what you didn't say was that I looked at every make and model (even at the B'ham bike show) and Apache where the cream of the crop, and even now I own one I think that I made the right decision! And in answer to the question (A BIG YES !) I will endorse this product and the service in anyway possible as it is a true representation of what people can get from Apache. So I will end by saying thank you to all at Apache and keep up the fantastic work.


Over the past twelve months, Apache’s range of quad bikes have proved increasingly in demand and there was no exception in the recent winter weather. Worried that the poor weather in early January might hamper sales, the firm’s month end figures were just astonishing. During the snow and ice in early January, Apache’s website even crashed offline once due to the sheer volume of visitors trying to access the site.

The firm always plans its stock levels to cater for a bumper pre-Christmas season, as people rush to buy Apache Quads for their lucky loved ones! But the firm underestimated the huge demand created during the January ice and snow period and even sold out of several models for a few days.


Apache has re-introduced its full trailer range to satisfy demand from its customers and dealer network. The firm has been concentrating on its core quad bike business but in a u-turn it has decided demand is too high for its trailer range for this to be ignored.

There is no doubt about Apache’s increasing market share and this is just part of the firms ambitious expansion plans for this year. Details of a larger distribution hub and additional warehouse facilities are to be announced shortly.

The Apache trailer range boasts six competitively priced models. The original ‘Apache mesh trailers’ with rear ramps were initially designed for transporting quad bikes, but are equally suited for lawn mowers or other small items of equipment. The range of four road trailer models have solid steel sides and floors, and come in varying sizes ranging from 5ft in length to 8ft in length. All competitively priced from just £499-£695 plus VAT, and at these prices, these Apache’s are flying off the shelf. These solid side trailers have handy front and rear opening/closing door for maximum flexibility of use. The quality and build of Apache trailers has to be seen to be appreciated, but on thing is for sure, they are all easy to tow and represent outstanding value for money.


Apache’s Trailer Range Re-Introduced for 2015

“Our trailers were always popular but we decided to concentrate on purely quad bikes for a time, but our dealers and customers keep asking for them back again, so here they are!” He added “Trailers are becoming so popular now as people downsize their cars to be more cost-efficient. These are easy to sell, quality products and there’s good profit to be gained by any number of market sectors. We’re seeing an increase in the agricultural and garden centre markets in particular"

Apache's range of Quad Bikes expands again, with the stunning new RLX 400 4x4. This long awaited utility / agricultural 4x4 has been exhaustively tested and refined before joining the Apache stable and boasts an impressive standard spec at an unbeatable price, with of course, market leading backup.

This all-new quad boasts an impressive standard specification. Of course, there’s the 4x4 capability giving outstanding handling and performance – a push button 3 way locking differential, 2wd, 4wd, locked 4wd and shaft drive. Its 360cc’s OHV engine gives a very good power capability and its CVT automatic drive system with reverse makes for easy riding in all conditions.

This is the latest in the Apache Utility ATV range, which now boasts the smaller RLX 320 and RLX 400 2wd models. This new RLX 400 4x4 has been brought in to satisfy the demand for true 4x4 capabilities some customers require.



Apache’s new RLX 400 4x4 Utility and Agricultural Quad

As standard fit, the new model offers a huge array of appealing standard features including front winch with handlebar controls, tow bar, carry racks, automatic transmission with reverse gear and its unique fully independent rear suspension. And there’s more good news – this high specification 4x4 ATV is available at an amazing value for money price.

Worcestershire based Apache Quads has re-launched its extensive trailer range following demand from its trade and retail customers and after a full review of the current market place. The emphasis is on supplying quality built, competitively priced small to mid-sized trailers designed to be more robust than those currently being sold by high street outlets.

Apache manufactured the original ‘mesh’ trailers, that were designed for transporting predominantly quad bikes, which were available in two popular sizes for transporting one quad or two. An improved version is now available from Apache that includes a longer rear ramp to make loading quad bikes, lawn mowers or other small items of equipment even easier. The mesh material used in the manufacture of the trailers makes them exceptionally easy to clean and long lasting.

But it doesn’t stop there, Apache has re-launched its full range of small to mid sized unbraked trailers that have solid steel sides and floors. These are manufactured from high quality galvanised steel for long life, and the range comprises four convenient sizes.



The quality and build of Apache trailers has to be seen to be appreciated, but on thing’s for sure, they are all easy to tow and represent outstanding value for money.

“After many enquiries from our customers, we are pleased to stock the full trailer range again. It is clear that there is considerable demand for a ‘good all round’ range at a very competitive price, that is of a better quality than those currently sold on the high street. We believe our trailers fit the bill perfectly”.


Apache Quads recently launched ‘Supermoto’ range of quads, are already proving extremely popular and the firm has recently increased its factory orders to meet the expected demand this Summer.

The new models, the sporty RLX 320 CVT automatic and the manual 49 bhp RLX 450 CF Supermoto, have been developed over the past year to combine outstanding performance features with stunning good looks to top it all.

Both new CF Supermoto quads have the latest Apache carbon fibre effect bodykits, a combination of black and silver honeycomb pattern with a high gloss finish. A host of great features include increased performance over the standard Apache RLX 320 and 450’s. Plus front and rear wave discs thereby reducing heat under harsh breaking; lowered remote reservoir front and rear shock absorbers with dial-in pre-load and rebound adjustments; rear reinforced alloy swing arm with unique chain alignment feature - and much more.

Over the past two years, the Midlands based firm has been refining its quad bike range and now has what it considers ‘the best Apache range ever’. There’s an Apache for every member of the family, from the smallest junior model – the Mini Tomahawk 50 cc, the children’s range of leisure quads, to the junior racing quads now making a firm mark on the British racing circuit. The adult range now comprises both manual and automatic quads from 180cc’s to the awesome 450cc and top of the range Supermoto models.


“The Apache range has never been as good as it is right now, and we’re very excited about the future. We have seen website visitors quadruple in the past two years and now receive more enquiries than ever before”. He added “We’re being pro-active and talking to our customers – past and present, and putting together an unbeatable range of products that take on the very best in the quad industry.”

Apache has just launched its new junior racing quads and a host of new performance parts. Other projects in the pipeline include a new online parts website, which is nearing completion after 12 months of exhaustive development work. More details will be announced shortly, but the first batch of the company’s 11,000 parts stockholiding are now ready to go live once the final stages of testing are complete.


Apache has faced a recent upturn in business as people rush to buy its road legal quads to commute to work this Summer.

The firm reports a sales surge in recent weeks as the price of fuel rockets and as people seek cheaper ways of getting around.

Apache's biggest seller is the RLX 320 Sport Road Legal ATV. This model is incredibly economical, has superb performance, but also great fun to ride. Being fully automatic and very easy to ride, it is proving attractive to men and women alike. It's perfect for those riders who prefer the safety and stability of four wheels rather than investing in a scooter or motorcycle. And, of course, Apache's are a great investment as they have excellent resales values.


“We are not surprised to see this trend given the incredible fuel prices at the moment - and there's not much chance of these prices coming down, so we expect the trend to continue. Not only are our Apache customers saving money on fuel, but they are also having fun on their ATVs as well. The greatest benefit is being felt by people who have releatively short daily commutes to work and back and this is an ideal solution for these people".


This website is now one of the most visited (if not the most visited) Quad/ATV and Leisure vehicle websites in the UK following an extensive survey of our visitors. This has no doubt been due to the continuous development of the site to include more news, views, more pictures than ever before, plus the new video clips, and all the information you need to know about owning an Apache. Also the addition of the Apache Service Centre offering collection and delivery to maintain your Apache in tip top condition, and the Apache Repair Centre: our 'Test & Try Days' and more recently the 'Apache Experience' Days'. Visitors to the site have grown incredibly just over the past 12 months, and page views have more than quadrupled, so that makes us feel that our efforts here are worthwhile. But... if there's anything you'd like to see here, please do drop us a line at sales@apachequads.com.



We will continue to bring you the latest innovative products from Apache, news, views and information from the junior racing scene - so please keep coming back and let's make 2008 another record breaking year for www.apachequads.com!

Apache Quads has its products featured on ITV’s popular show, ‘Pulling Power’ that airs next Thursday 18th October at 11.05pm.

The Worcestershire based firm was approached by the programme makers a few months ago, to supply one of its hugely popular Road Legal Quads for the programme and duly obliged by sending its premium model, the Apache RLX 250 SX. The programme features a range of vehicles aimed at alternative forms of transport fun on wheels.

“We were of course, thrilled to be approached to supply our 250 Road Legal Quad for the programme, and very much look forward to seeing the final result next week’.

The Apache RLX 250 SX Road Legal Quad is currently on a special promotional offer to run in conjunction with the programme in the run up to Christmas for only £2,295 including delivery, VAT and 6 months road tax, which represents a huge saving from the normal price.

Apache Quads have become a national favourite. Apart from their good looks and outstanding specification, they represent excellent value for money, and are achieving excellent second hand values when eventually outgrown.



Ready to make its mark with the more experienced junior quad rider, the new F100 ‘S’ model offers stunning good looks and performance to match.

Aimed specifically at the growing number of competent junior riders that are now swelling the ranks of enthusiasts in the UK, the exciting new thoroughbred features a gutsy, liquid cooled 100cc engine and sports specification to give it a true competitive edge.

The Apache F100 High Performance Junior Quad



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